Our Story

Our story begins in October of 2015, when our first daughter was born. We were "those" parents that researched every little thing our little lady needed, from baby monitors to baby clothes and everything in between.

In February 2017, our second daughter joined our family and even though she was only 16 months younger, we found ourself in search of all things baby with the best quality and the best value again! We never found ourselves being fully satisfied with the quality and value at big box stores or massive online retailers.

Because of Jules's years of experience in the textile industry and as a boutique buyer, we knew we could make an impact. We decided to jump in! We established relationships with overseas suppliers, began researching and ultimately selecting products we knew would reflect the love and intentionality we have for our kids. And out of this passion, came Hollice, our beautiful children's boutique, designed to help every wardrobe change end in big smiles!

We hope you love the hand picked products we have selected as much as we do! We truly value your feedback and the opportunity to continue improving our shop & your little's wardrobe. Drop us a note if you are looking for something specific too! 


Chris & Jules